F.A.Q. about Radox Radiators.

Who is Radox Radiators?

CEO Rosu from Radox Radiators

Radox, based in Bucharest, Romania, has been in business for over twenty years. It is one of the largest manufacturers of high-end heating and cooling products in Europe. With over 300 employees and several large factories, Radox offers a wide range of products including: solar panels, heat pumps, boilers, injectors, heat exchangers, hot air generators, radiating ceilings, pumps, water softening stations, air conditioners, fan convectors, and floor heating/cooling systems. In 2005, Radox unveiled one of the most advanced chrome plating units in Europe at its Bucharest plant affording it the benefit of expediting production, trimming costs significantly, and reducing its carbon footprint even further. Radox produces and distributes its products to the European and Asian markets and presently is in the process of making the transition to North America. We at Radox are confident that our products, produced on state of the art machinery by a seasoned team of engineers, welders, and heating/cooling mechanics, will realize the same success we did in Europe and Asia. We credit our success to direct engagement with our clients. Our phone lines are direct; there are no extensions. We never offer excuses, we offer solutions and we always promptly deliver to our clients a quality final product which exceeds their expectations. Our customers deserve the best, so we give them the best.

Why Choose Radox?

We DO NOT and will NEVER use any copper plating in the production of our products. Copper plating technology (used primarily by low-cost manufacturers) produces harmful by-products like copper cyanide which has a devastating impact on the environment.
We offer a 10 year guarantee on our radiators. The units are TIG welded for stronger joints, straight tappings, and the elimination of pin-holes. Our automated chrome line prevents acid penetration which commonly causes internal rust. Painted rails are sandblasted prior to painting for better paint adhesion. We use highly polished 304 marine-grade stainless steel for our exquisite radiators.
Our radiators are offered in chrome, classic white, stainless steel, and any color the client requests (chosen off the RAL chart).