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Radiator heater by radox.us Filon

With a unique shape, FILON looks sylish and modern, while retaining its function as a towel warming bar. Neat and tidy, FILON can be accessorized with stylish hooks to hang a towel from. You need not sacrifice style to make things fit - just choose our brilliant FILON for complementing your bathroom or kitchen.

All RADOX RADIATORS heated towel rails and designer radiators are 100% water tight. To offer a comprehensive 10 year guarantee RADOX RADIATORS  have to be confident in the quality of their products. Every single RADOX radiator is leak and corrosion tested. The products are installed on a water testing rig and the pressure of water pumped through the heated towel rail goes up to 15 bar of pressure which is 3 times more than the average household!!