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Radiator heater by radox.us Electric Radiators

Easy to use, the electric radiators are an effective alternative to central heating. With just an electric connection and a very stylish Radox electric radiator, you can have a complete heating system in your bathroom or kitchen.

Our new range of electric radiators can be controlled individually or by using a pilot wire connected to a central thermostat. The outputs are usually 500 and 700 watts, but we can offer higher outputs.

All our electric products are equipped with electronic thermostat digital or analog, have Class II double isolation and are protected IP 24. By request we can offer electric towel rails with infrared thermostat, RD or turbo fan heater. All our electric products are supplied fluid filled with all needed fitted elements and cable.

The most popular format for electric radiators is the one filled with thermal transfer fluid which is heated by an electric immersion heater located at the

bottom of the towel warmers. The immersion heater is a sealed cartridge and a incorporating thermostat allowing the user to have full temperature control.

All our electric products and heating elements used are CE marked, made in Europe (Romania and Italy) and tested in specialized laboratories accordingly with the European  standards.